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Supermodel slams attack – The Australian Jewish News

Vocally anti-Israel supermodel Gigi Hadid has criticised last week’s deadly terror attack in Tel Aviv as detrimental to the Palestinian national cause and a disappointment to Palestinians who want peace.

Hadid, who has a Palestinian father, posted a message to her Instagram account after gunman Ra’ad Hazem killed three Israelis and injured several others in a terror spree last Thursday night.

“I would like to say that terrorism goes against the true message of the Free Palestine Movement,” she wrote to her 73 million followers.

“What happened in Tel Aviv is a tragedy; and is disappointing to Palestinians who want peace and fairness for all – regardless of religion, race or politics. Innocent Israelis don’t deserve to die. This does not help anything. It is not the answer.”

Hadid also offered condolences to the families of those who were killed.


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