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Gala dinner to celebrate College's 40th year – The Australian Jewish News

PAST and present Mount Sinai College families were taken on a special trip down memory lane.

Around 500 guests gathered at the Venue in Alexandria to celebrate the school’s 40th anniversary in its 41st year. (Due to COVID-19 the milestone celebration was delayed.)

Those in attendance were buzzing as they were treated to a video montage of interviews and photographs from the first day of Mount Sinai’s establishment in 1981, right through to the present day.

The inaugural class had 14 children in it, and seven of them – Ilan Sadeh, Naomi Shedlezki, Mirah Teichtahl, Rachel Schwartz, Sharon Philippsohn, Leanne Shedlezki and Yael Walters – attended the function.

The event was glitzy, yet intimate, as the community came together to celebrate their school and the achievements of its alumni.

Warm applause was reserved for the teachers, particularly those who have been part of the school since its inception.

Principal Phil Roberts said of the event, “The evening brought together all of those who have been a part of the College’s establishment, history and identity and gave us the opportunity to celebrate 40 years of quality Jewish education.”

Pictured from left are Elita Field, Melissa Miller, Ilana Moddel, Phil Roberts, Rozanna Pleshet, Kelly Saretzki, Nathan Archie and Elise Perri at the gala dinner.

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