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The Premier's Iftar dinner – The Australian Jewish News

RABBI Gabi Kaltmann of the Ark Centre attended Premier Daniel Andrews’ Iftar dinner earlier this month at the MCG.

Kaltmann was the only Jewish representative there among 550 members of the Muslim community and other cultural leaders of Melbourne.

Rabbi Kaltmann said some of his best friends are fellow faith leaders, adding, “l love attending the holy festivals and times of other religions.”

“Coming together to celebrate these times provides an opportunity to talk about the common issues that affect our congregations, the ways we are dealing with the ongoing challenges of COVID and how we encourage a sense of the Divine to our congregations,” he said.

“We seem to have cracked the code, how to establish an Australian identity that is collective and shared while also still allowing people to retain their individual stories and backgrounds which contribute to a tapestry of multicultural beauty and tolerance.”

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