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IDF fires at Lebanon targets – The Australian Jewish News

The Israel Defence Forces said early on Monday that it attacked targets in Lebanon after a rocket was fired into Israel earlier in the night.

“IDF artillery is now attacking targets in Lebanon and firing at the launch area in retaliation for the rocket fired into Israeli territory,” the IDF said in an initial statement.

Later it said it struck the launch area with dozens of artillery shells, as well as “an infrastructure target”, without further elaboration.

The rocket that was fired into Israel from Lebanon landed in an open area near Kibbutz Matzuva, close to the border, without causing damage or injuries.

Hezbollah-linked media in Lebanon also reported that a rocket had been fired towards Israel, from an area between the towns of Qlaileh and Maaliyeh, southeast of Tyre.

No rocket warning sirens sounded in Israel, and the military said that alert levels in the area remain “normal”.

There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage in Lebanon and no claims of responsibility.

“It is estimated that these are Palestinian factions and that this is related to the Ramadan period and the events on the Temple Mount,” IDF spokesperson Ran Kochav told Kan public radio.

The incident comes amid rising tension over clashes at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and renewed rocket fire from Gaza toward Israel.

Israeli security forces were preparing for the possibility of a flare-up with the Gaza Strip following the repeated incidents of rocket fire over the past week.

The Shin Bet security service also said on Monday that it recently foiled an attempt by the Gaza-based Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group to enlist residents of the West Bank to commit attacks against Israeli targets.

Additionally, on Monday morning Israeli security forces arrested a Palestinian man suspected of smuggling guns into the West Bank from Jordan.

Meanwhile, a 20-year-old Palestinian man was killed overnight on Tuesday in clashes with Israeli forces near Jericho, Palestinian officials said.

Tensions between Israel and the Palestinians have risen sharply in recent months against the backdrop of repeated terror attacks in Israeli cities that left 14 dead.

Over the same period, 25 Palestinians have been killed across the West Bank, many of whom were carrying out or attempting to carry out attacks, as Israel has stepped up operations in response to the terror incidents.


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