Thursday, October 28

Australian COVID Vaccination Rates: Best and Worst LGAs Revealed

The race is on to bring Australia to that magical 80 percent vaccination rate. But some areas are moving forward, while others are lagging behind.

Authorities are moving forward with plans to begin reopening the nation once 80 percent of the eligible population is fully vaccinated.

In New South Wales, Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian vowed to begin lifting restrictions once that goal is achieved, and the state’s so-called “Freedom Day” is likely to be on October 18.

In Victoria, Prime Minister Daniel Andrews has also hinted that more freedoms are on the way for people with double vacuum, as the state launches a vaccine bombardment in a bid to hit its 70 percent target.

This week, Andrews also revealed that the state’s roadmap out of the lockdown will be announced next Sunday.

But when it comes to the vaccination rate, it seems that not all LGAs are scoring equally.

Why is it so important?

The vaccination rate is so crucial, and it has become such an important focus of our leaders, because Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s four-step reopening plan, which was announced in July based on the Doherty Institute model, relies on the vaccination rate.

We are in the first step right now, which involves increasing vaccines and preparing for the future.

The second step kicks in when we achieve a national double dose rate of 70 percent, which will allow blockages to be greatly reduced and allow more travelers to return to the country.

At 80 percent, fully vaccinated Australians will no longer be subject to travel restrictions and lockdowns will more or less become a thing of the past.

The last stage will come once vaccine supplies are fully secure, and it will mean we return to pre-Covid life as close as possible, although booster injections and quarantine of high-risk inbound travelers are likely to remain over. table.

How is your area tracked?

So what does all of this mean for your own area?

We have put together a series of charts showing vaccination rates in some of the largest cities in the country.

You can hover over your LGA to see how it is tracking. We’ll also show you the best and worst performing LGAs (at the time of publication) on each map.

Australia overview


So far, Sydney, which is in the midst of a brutal outbreak in the Delta and has suffered a 12-week lockdown with no end in sight, is leading the way when it comes to vaccines.

In three LGAs, more than 90 percent of residents over the age of 15 have received their first dose.

They include Hills Shire at 93.30 percent, Camden at 91.50 percent, and Ku-ring-gai at 90.60 percent.

Outside of Sydney, Gilgandra is the only area to have reached that coveted number, with the LGA at 90.4 percent.

New South Wales is believed to have reached a momentous milestone as of Wednesday, with 80 percent of the state receiving a dose.

It means the state is on track to reach its 80% double-dose goal in a few weeks.


So far, no LGA in Melbourne has achieved a 90% first dose rate.

However, Bayside leads the way with 80.70%, followed by Greater Geelong with 76.10%.


So far, the Southern Downs LGA is leading the way at 63.70 percent, followed by the Brisbane LGA at 62.70 percent, Redland at 60.80 percent and Sunshine Coast at 60.60. percent.


The winner in Adelaide so far is Holdfast Bay with 72.60%, followed by Walkerville with 72.20%, Adelaide Hills with 71.50% and Mitcham with 71.80%.

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