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Carnarvon: Police ‘rule out nothing’ looking for missing 4-year-old girl Cleo Smith in Blowholes

Police are “very concerned” for the safety of a four-year-old girl who disappeared during a family camping trip in Washington’s remote Gascoyne and “are ruling nothing out,” including a possible kidnapping.

Police are “very concerned” for the safety of a four-year-old girl who disappeared during a family camping trip in remote Gascoyne, WA and “are ruling nothing out,” including a possible kidnapping.

Speaking at Camp Blowholes today, WA Police Inspector Jon Munday said police were “pulling everything they could in this search” for Cleo Smith in its early stages.

Cleo was reported missing when her parents woke up around 6 a.m. Saturday to find that she had disappeared from their shared tent.

The “unusual” disappearance of the girl prompted a major search operation by land, air and sea at the site, some 70 kilometers north of Carnarvon.

In sp. Munday said the circumstances of the case were “extremely worrying” and that it was not something that police “encountered very often.” He said the state’s “best investigators” were involved in the search, including Perth detectives.



“We are very concerned for Cleo’s safety,” Insp. Munday said.

“We don’t leave anything to chance. We are trying to cover all our bases and we are not ruling anything out. So we’re going to try as hard as we can, whenever we can, to try and find Cleo. “

In sp. Munday said a “missing sleeping bag was reported” but said “he was not at liberty at this time to disclose what else we think might be missing.”

“It goes without saying that we have serious concerns for Cleo’s safety and we just want to find her and we want anyone who knows anything, anyone who has seen something suspicious, to contact Crime Stoppers or the local police … we just want this information as quickly as we can so that we can find Cleo and bring her back to her family, ”he said.

In sp. Munday said that despite a major land, air and sea search operation, which includes dozens of volunteers from the State Emergency Service, airplanes, drones and volunteer marine search and rescue personnel, there has been little progress. A search and rescue jet participated in the search overnight, using equipment to detect “heat signatures.”

“At this time, we have been very encouraged by the amount of information that comes from the public. Information has been posted on various roads and towns, probably within a 1000 km radius from here, we are getting information from that which is fantastic, ”he said.

“But no, unfortunately we haven’t had any major breakthroughs … we are doing our best to try and make breakthroughs, but unfortunately not at this time, we don’t have any answers as to where Cleo is.”

When asked about the “nightmare” scenario where Cleo had been taken away, Insp. Munday said that “that’s the reason why we push ourselves as soon as possible and are launching as many different things as we can.”

“We have gathered a lot of information and a lot of intelligence from things like dash cameras, CCTV cameras on site, CCTV at road houses … we’re trying to paint a picture of who was around during the window of opportunity between the early hours of Saturday morning and 6 in the morning … as to who was around and what clues they can give us, “he said.

In sp. Munday said police were searching the campers leaving the camp and capturing their identities.

He said that if Cleo had moved away from the store, that scenario also remained “very worrying” due to the “fairly severe environment” in the area. However, he said the climate at the time was conducive to survival.

“We’re pretty sure if Cleo was around, we’ll find her,” he said.

In sp. Munday said police hate having “tunnel vision in a particular setting.” “Everything is on the table, we are analyzing everything and hopefully discarding them as we progress in the investigation,” he said.

He said police were looking anywhere within 5.2 km of Cleo’s last known position, and said the large search area was “very, very formidable” for a four-year-old to walk, let alone for the hunt group.

In sp. Munday said Cleo’s family, who live in the area and know her well, were “very distraught.” They had arrived at the camp the day before to camp for the weekend.

He said the parents had “an interaction” with Cleo in the early hours of Saturday morning, then went back to sleep, and when the parents woke up, it was discovered that she had left their “big” tent.

The Australian Army Pilbara Regiment is expected to join the search soon.

Anyone with information should call the police immediately on 131 444.

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