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Covid Victoria: Ballarat re-enters the confinement amid a group of coronaviruses

Confused locals have questioned the state government’s decision to shut down Ballarat amid calls for more test sites in the area.

Ballarat has plunged back into the lockdown, amid fears that it could become a Covid hotspot, as restrictions on Shepparton are eased.

Confused locals have questioned the government’s decision to blockade the city in four cases, while Geelong, which has more than a dozen infections, is free.

Two new cases emerged in Ballarat on Wednesday, but authorities are preparing for more with sewage detections indicating someone in the area was carrying the virus since Sept. 8.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said Wednesday that the localized blockade was necessary to stop the outbreak and protect the rest of the Victoria region.

“Ballarat is not a community isolated from everyone else. People move to different parts of the Victoria region, they move to Melbourne, and those movement patterns would mean that the virus would spread and, if left unchecked, it would spread throughout the Victoria region, ”he said.

Health Director Brett Sutton said: “It has been more than a week of probable transmission within the Ballarat community, so there are likely more cases.”

Like the residents of Melburn, the residents of Ballarat will have only five reasons to leave home: to buy essentials, to work and study authorized, to care, to exercise and to get vaccinated.

However, the controversial curfew has not been imposed on the regional city.

Test queues quickly formed in Ballarat and some residents were forced to wait six hours to be cleaned.

“There are not enough (test sites),” said Kerrie Gunsser.

“I have been to two exhibition sites in the last few days, my elderly father is at home and I am waiting all this time to get tested to make sure it does not make him sick.”

It was again the last drinks for the local pubs, with Katie Randall, a member of the Bunch of Grapes Hotel staff, revealing that the “struggling” staff would once again run out of income.

“This is not fair at all, we just got out of the lockdown and now we have to go back to takeout,” he said.

Ripon’s Liberal MP, Louise Staley, said: “Ballarat should not be shut down. We need to learn to live with Covid cases. “

There were 61 active cases in the Victoria region on Wednesday, most of which were in Shepparton but quarantined under strict isolation protocols.

“There are still cases in Shepparton, but they have been in isolation, they have gone through the tests on the 13th,” Andrews said.

He announced that hospitality establishments and retail stores could reopen and that some students would return to school.


Groups of up to five Melburns should be allowed to play sports and meet outdoors when the state reaches its first dose target of 70 percent, says the Victorian Opposition.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews is expected to announce a slight easing of restrictions when Victoria reaches the vaccination milestone, likely on Thursday.

Government ministers and health officials were discussing possible changes Wednesday night and were due to meet again this morning.

It is understood that a plan will be implemented to extend the travel limit from 5 km to 10 km and increase the exercise time to three hours.

Some government officials have also lobbied to lift the controversial curfew, while others want social bubbles to allow for small outdoor gatherings.

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The police will shut down Melbourne’s public transport and blockade the city in an unprecedented attempt to thwart violent anti-blockade protesters.

Trains, trams and buses to the CBD will stop between 8 a.m. M. And 2 p.m. M. On Saturday to stop an anti-blockade demonstration that is expected to draw thousands of people.

In what will be the Victoria Police’s largest operation in 20 years, barricades, traffic blocks and roaming police patrols will also surround the CBD to block protesters, who are already plotting to sneak in.

“This is the most important game in town for us to stop this from happening,” said Chief Commissioner Shane Patton.

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Questions remain about the Covid death of a man in his 20s whose family says he had a serious lung condition and had previously had a heart attack.

Health Director Brett Sutton said the man’s death had not yet been directly linked to Covid, but that the virus was an “underlying diagnosis.”

“Anyone who dies (from Covid) will have a diagnosis of cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest or cardiorespiratory arrest,” said Professor Sutton.

“We have not classified it as nothing, the coroner will make his determination. But it is a positive Covid case and we have to manage it as such. ”

It comes when the man’s family said the coroner had informed them that the cause of his death was cardiac arrest, but they later received “revised reports” that attributed the virus as the official cause of death.


Nearly 4,000 Victorian elderly care workers have yet to take a hit from Covid-19 before the mandate takes effect on Friday.

At least 94.7 percent of employees have already received a dose, but about 3,800 remain unvaccinated.

They now have one day to show they have a medical exemption or vaccination appointment booked before October 1.

If they don’t, the workers will be fired.

According to the new health orders, those who have not yet been vaccinated must wear protective equipment that includes a surgical mask and a face shield.


Australia’s medical regulator has accused Craig Kelly of copyright infringement and demanded the rogue MP to stop sending unsolicited “misleading” text messages about the Covid-19 vaccine.

Attorneys for the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) have written to Kelly, leader of the United Australia Party, founded by billionaire Clive Palmer, demanding an end to unsolicited texts.

In recent weeks, millions of Australians received messages containing links, the UAP claim contains information from the TGA’s own adverse event reports on vaccines.

In a statement, the TGA said its lawyers alleged that the UAP texts “violated copyright.” It says the excerpts removed “important information.”


A synagogue at the center of a police investigation received the green light to provide “community support services” ahead of the holiest day on the Jewish calendar.

But the facility, which received a ban notice from the Health Department after a violent clash last week, should not come together to worship or pray.

The Herald Sun has been told that the venue could now be opened to provide limited support services within public health instructions because it had now implemented safe protocols and practices for Covid.

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