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Dad and sons missing in New Zealand for six days

Thomas Phillips and his three children have been missing for more than five days after a trip to the beach over the weekend.

The desperate search for a father and his three children who have not been seen in more than five days has continued.

Thomas Phillips and his three children, Jayda Jin, 8, Maverick Callum-Phillips, 6, and Ember Phillips, 5, were last seen Saturday afternoon near Kiritehere Beach in Marokopa, on the west coast of the North Island. from New Zealand, just over three hours south of Auckland.

Teams have conducted extensive searches of the surrounding beach and brush area, but have yet to come close to find the missing family.

Phillips’ gray Toyota Hilux was found on the beach on Sunday, prompting an intense search in the Kiritehere and Marokopa area beginning Monday.

Phillips was described as a “fabulous father” by his uncle Paul Phillips, who said he often took his children with him on white bait expeditions.

Police released photos of the family on Thursday and have expanded their request for information.

Officers hope to speak to anyone who was in the Marokopa or Kiritehere Beach areas on September 11 or 12, no matter how insignificant.

The call included bach owners or visitors who may have left the area after the weekend.

LandSAR volunteers and police are still conducting ground searches along the coast.

On Thursday, the Raglan Surf Life Saving Squad and the Taranaki Surf Life Saving Rescue Squad conducted a sea search in the Marokopa and Kiritehere Beach areas.

Phillips’ uncle said the family clung to the hope that the group would enjoy a camping trip together somewhere.

“Our greatest fear is that a rebellious wave has swept them out to sea. Because Tom was an extremely tough person, we are hopeful that Tom took the kids camping, ”she said.

The children’s mother, and Tom’s ex-partner, said she had “every hope that my children Jayda, Maverick and Ember are safe.”

“We are asking that anyone who may have any information, no matter how small or insignificant they think it may be, contact the police and tell them.”

Paul Phillips said the caring father was a skilled fencer, but since his separation from his partner he had been a full-time father for the past three or four years.

He said he was in a good mood when he visited his Marokopa family on Saturday.

She homeschooled her children and lives in Otorohanga, but often drove down the narrow, winding, bushy road to the coast.

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