Friday, September 17

Doctor Visits Three Nursing Homes In Sydney While Infected With COVID-19

A doctor visited three nursing homes in Sydneyis to the west, although potentially infectious with COVID-19including Newmarch House, which suffered 19 deaths in an outbreak during NSWFirst wave.
Although the doctor was fully vaccinated and wore a mask during visits, Newmarch House in Caddens, near Penrith, has been quickly blocked in an attempt to limit possible infections.

The doctor also visited SummitCare Penrith and Mountainview Penrith.

Newmarch House in western Sydney has been listed as one of the places that a potentially infectious doctor visited. (9News)

Newmarch House was one of the top two groups in nursing homes last year, along with an outbreak at the Dorothy Henderson Lodge in Macquarie Park.

A spokesperson for the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District noted that the Federal Government is responsible for both the elderly care sector and the national rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination program.

So far, no residents or staff have been infected with the virus and the majority of those who live and work at the Anglicare-owned facility have been vaccinated.

At SummitCare Penrith, 85% of the 85 residents and 87% of the healthcare staff are vaccinated with double doses.

At Newmarch House, 90 percent of the 94 residents and 97 percent of the healthcare staff are fully vaccinated, while at Mountainview Penrith, 93 percent of the 88 residents and 96 percent of the staff have received two injections.

Another resident died at Newmarch House in western Sydney, yet they had recovered from the coronavirus.
Newmarch House was one of the first senior care centers in Australia to deal with multiple deaths from coronavirus. (Edwina Pickles / Sydney Morning Herald)

All affected residents and staff at the facility are being evaluated, and residents are closely monitored by doctors, nurses and specialists for symptoms.

The facilities have notified the families of the neighbors.

“During a COVID-19 outbreak at a nursing home, an Outbreak Management Team (OMT) meets at least daily to ensure adequate safety, care and support is provided,” the spokesperson said. .

Newmarch House was the center of a major COVID-19 outbreak last year, killing 19 residents.

A total of 37 residents and 34 employees were infected.

The outbreak was one of the deadliest periods of the COVID-19 pandemic seen in Australia.

On June 15 of last year, NSW Health stated that the outbreak, which is believed to have been caused by an infected staff member who worked multiple times with extremely mild symptoms, ended.

Since then, the response from Anglicare and government agencies has come under fire after new infections continued to appear for more than two weeks in the house’s total shutdown.

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