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Global Times editor intervenes after criticism of Chinese weapons test

The outspoken editor of China’s state-backed media spokesperson has issued a chilling warning in response to the latest outbreak with the United States.

The editor-in-chief of a Chinese state-backed publication The Global Times no stranger to rummaging through hornets’ nests.

Hu Xijin, who regularly immerses himself in geopolitical issues on the side of the Chinese government, has made a name for himself as one of the most prominent defenders of the Communist Party, and one of the sharpest critics of other world powers.

With the tensions between China and the United States in the news again this week, of course it has been on the attack.

Today, the catalyst was China’s hypersonic missile test. US intelligence officials were reportedly stunned by the rival superpower’s launch of a nuclear-capable hypersonic glide vehicle that circled the globe in low orbit before landing near its target earlier in the year. this month.

the Financial times He warned that a nuclear arms race between the two nations was now “inevitable without serious intervention,” to which Xijin was seriously offended.

The Chinese government spokesman refuted the notion that his country was involved in an arms race with the United States with a chillingly forceful rebuttal, declaring that any attempt to match Washington’s firepower would be “stupid.”

According to Mr. Xijin, the Chinese military only needs enough firepower to “destroy the United States once.”

“China will not participate in a nuclear arms race with the United States. We think it’s stupid. I know America can destroy China 10 times, but we MAKE SURE we have full capacity to destroy America once, ”he tweeted Thursday morning.

Speaking in an interview with Bloomberg TV on Wednesday, General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made the most direct recognition by the United States of tests reported for the first time for him Financial times earlier this month.

China reportedly launched tests of the hypersonic missile in July and August, alarming the Pentagon as it demonstrated an entirely new weapons capability powered by US technology. currently does not own and is struggling to understand.

“What we saw was a very significant event from a hypersonic weapons system test, and it is very concerning,” Milley told Bloomberg TV.

“I think I saw in some of the newspapers that they used the term ‘Sputnik moment.’ I don’t know if it’s a great Sputnik moment, but I think it’s very close to that. So it’s a very significant technological event that happened, or a test that happened, by the Chinese, and it has our full attention. “

China has denied the reports, saying the launches were routine tests of spacecraft.

Xijin immediately tweeted in response to Milley’s criticism, stating that all the technology used in the latest Chinese technology was at the same level as that of the United States.

“Huawei 5G technology, hypersonic missile, what else does China have that is more advanced than what the United States has?” tweeted in response to Milley’s criticism.

“We are counting on the American people to tell us. If not, come up with something that makes us Chinese happy, and it’s good for the US military to expand the budget. “

Xijin has routinely cast a shadow in Australia’s leadership over recent disputes with China, at times posting memes ridiculing Australia in front of his 466,000 followers.

Taiwan leader ‘has faith’ America will come to help

The weapons testing explosion came after Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen said she had faith that the Biden administration would come to Taipei’s defense in the event of an attack.

“I have faith,” Tsai told CNN in an exclusive interview broadcast Wednesday night, citing the “wide range of cooperation with the United States with the goal of increasing our defense capabilities.”

US President Joe Biden declared that his country “is committed” to intervene and defend Taiwan in the event of a border dispute.

While Biden made it clear that he has no intention of plunging the two superpowers into a “new Cold War,” the 77-year-old’s bold comments lit a fire under Beijing, which has been used by his spokesman. The Global Times to fire another warning to the president.

On Friday, China’s Foreign Ministry made it clear that “China has no room for compromise when it comes to safeguarding sovereignty, security and territorial integrity.”

“We urge the US side to seriously respect the one-China principle and the three joint China-US communiqués. Please be cautious of words and deeds on the Taiwan question and refrain from sending the wrong signals to secessionists, lest you take seriously damaging Sino-US relations and cross-strait peace and stability from Taiwan ”,

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin warned the United States not to “oppose the 1.4 billion Chinese.”

“No one should underestimate the steadfast determination, determination and ability of the Chinese people to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.” Taiwan, which lies off the coast of mainland China, is claimed by Beijing as a separatist province.

But the democratic nation of 24 million people has never been ruled by Communist China and has been essentially independent for more than 60 years. Biden’s comments are at odds with official US policy on Taiwan, which is one of “strategic ambiguity” where it neither confirms nor denies. would defend the island state.

– with Frank Chung

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