Friday, September 17

MMA 2021 news: debut of transgender MMA fighter Alana McLaughlin criticized by Australian defender Katherine Deves

An Australian defender has called on authorities to stop “pleasing the awakened” and to ban transgender athletes from professional women’s sports.

Following the debut of MMA fighter Alana McLaughlin, an Australian defender has called for transgender athletes to be banned from competing in professional women’s sports.

McLaughlin, the second openly transgender woman to compete in MMA in the United States, won her debut Friday night by submission in the Global Combat preliminaries.

The 38-year-old used a back choke against Celine Provost to end the match at 3 minutes 32 seconds into the second round.

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Provost landed several punches in the first round, but McLaughlin eventually prevailed.

When she was declared the winner, McLaughlin wore an “End Trans Genocide” T-shirt.

Its debut comes as several states argue bills aimed at restricting the participation of transgender athletes in youth, high school and college sports.

Speaking in 2GB Ben Fordham LiveSave Women’s Sport Australasia co-founder Katherine Deves said that including transgender athletes in professional sport was “an attack on women and girls.”

“Humans cannot change their sex,” he said.

“Sex matters for sport. Sport doesn’t care about your feelings or your identity.

“This is male violence against women. It is sanctioned, celebrated and monetized.

“It is an attack on everything for which women have fought, for equal access to sports competitions.

“How far do we have to fall as a society before the authorities stop pleasing the awakening and start protecting women and girls?

“We don’t want mediocre men to play against the most elite women in the world.

“Women’s sports are not a dump for men who can’t make it into men’s competition.”

British television Piers Morgan wrote in the Daily mail: “Regardless of your military history or your personal struggles growing up, none of this justifies what happened Friday night. I found the fight disgusting to watch.

“It was obvious very quickly that McLaughlin was too strong, and equally obvious that this strength came from the 33 years he spent as a biological man.”

McLaughlin, who began her gender transition after leaving the US Army Special Forces in 2010, said she hopes to pioneer transgender athletes in combat sports.

“I want to take back the mantle that Fallon left,” McLaughlin said. outdoor sports before the fight, referring to Fallon Fox, who in 2012 became the first transgender woman to fight in MMA.

“Right now, I am following in Fallon’s footsteps. I am just one more step down the road and I am very hopeful that there is more to follow behind me. “

McLaughlin began training a year ago and was cleared to fight by the Florida State Boxing Commission after her hormone levels were tested, according to ESPN.

He said it was a “nightmare” to find an opponent.

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