Thursday, October 28

NSW Health Includes Paralympic Athletes in Home Quarantine Trial

More than a dozen Paralympics have been quarantined at home rather than in a hotel as part of a trial, NSW Health confirmed.

Currently, 17 Paralympic athletes are in isolation at home after returning from the Tokyo Games.

“NSW Health was considering exemptions for a small number of Paralympic athletes from home quarantine where it was felt that they would be more adequately cared for at home due to high care needs, including equipment requirements,” said a spokesperson.

“This model has subsequently been included as part of the New South Wales home quarantine test that has allowed more Paralympic athletes to participate.”

Madison de Rozario is in home quarantine. (Today)

All Australian Paralympic athletes who competed in the games were twice vaccinated before leaving for Tokyo.

Not all Paralympians have been included in the trial and many are still quarantined in Sydney hotels.

Madison de Rozario, who won gold in both the wheelchair marathon and the 800m events, is among 17 Paralympic athletes granted an exemption from home quarantine.

De Rozario told Today that she was grateful for the opportunity to be able to self-quarantine at home rather than in a hotel.

“I understand how challenging that is, a lot of our teammates are in that situation,” he said.

“We have been in a lot of contact since the Games ended. We understand how difficult that is.”

Double gold medalist Madison de Rozario.
Double gold medalist Madison de Rozario. (Getty)

De Rozario said she and the other trial participants were undergoing the same tests as those in hotel quarantine.

Those who are at home must register through an application several times a day, de Rozario explained.

“Basically, it will notify us … four times a day. You have five minutes to take a photo and it will identify you with Face ID and locate you in your house or apartment.

“It’s simple. It’s very good.”

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian It indicated last week that the state would seek to move away from the hotel quarantine system once double vaccination rates reach 70-80 percent.

Doubly vaccinated people should be able to self-quarantine at home, the prime minister said, while also indicating that the time period could be shortened to seven days for travelers who test negative upon arrival.

De Rozario said she was impressed with the system and hoped it would be implemented for other travelers.

“If this is implemented, it will be incredible,” he said.

“I understand the mental health repercussions of two weeks in a hotel room.

“It is a huge challenge to undertake that.

“If everyone can do this, it will be more manageable.”

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