Thursday, October 28

Patrick Akauola: man jailed for raping woman and taking explicit photos without consent

Offended by an insult about his genitals, a man showed an explicit image of a woman to others. Months later, the worst was yet to come.

A former semi-professional rugby player for the league publicly flaunted an explicit photo of a woman after she insulted him for having a “small penis,” a court was informed.

But the shocking snapshot was just the tip of the iceberg of Patrick Akauola’s vile pattern of behavior that followed.

Months later, the same woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, discovered a trove of explicit videos and photos stored on her phone, some of which showed vile sex acts performed on her while she was sleeping.

Akauola, 24, sat quietly in Brisbane District Court on Thursday as she learned of her fate from the shocking recordings.

Members of her family watched as Akauola pleaded guilty to multiple counts of rape, observations or recordings in violation of privacy, and distribution of prohibited visual recordings.

The court was told that Akauola and the woman argued during a night out in November 2018.

Akauola was offended after she insulted him for having a “small penis”.

In response, Crown Prosecutor Siobhan Harrison said Akauola publicly displayed a nude photo of the woman.

Harrison said the woman recognized it as a screenshot of a Snapchat video shared between the couple, but did not give her permission to share it with anyone else.

The woman slapped Akauola and left in a taxi.

In October 2019, the woman discovered multiple explicit videos and photos stored on Akauola’s phone.

Harrison said the files were taken between January and October 2019, but the exact dates could not be determined.

Some of the files showed Akauola inserting her finger into the woman’s anus while she slept, filming her naked in the shower, and a photo of her performing oral sex.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, did not consent to any of the acts.

“She continues to experience significant anxiety and trauma,” said Judge Katherine McGinness.

She took into account the support of Akauola’s family members, her good work history, and her attempts to treat long-standing mental health issues.

Defense attorney Karl Brandon said Akauola had fully admitted to the crime, which was due to immaturity.

Brandon said his client understood the serious breach of trust that had occurred and said that Akauola was dealing with issues of jealousy and insecurity.

The court was told that Akauola, now “sorry”, apologized when confronted by the woman.

He said he was drunk and “immature” during filmed acts and that he was only “fucking” when filming her in the shower.

Judge McGinness called Akauola’s excuses “unacceptable” by imposing a jail term of two years and nine months.

Akauola’s sentence will be suspended after serving six months. He also received a two-year probation order.

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