Wednesday, December 1

PI from the US, Mexico and Canada calls for concrete actions at the summit between Heads of State of North America

A few hours after the Heads of State of Mexico, the United States and Canada meet, the business community of the three nations warned that the potential of investments will not be realized if a country does not ensure legal certainty, transparency and free competition for the business.

The Business Coordinating Council (CCE) on behalf of the Mexican business community affirmed that their American and Canadian counterparts are concerned about the policies of the Mexican government. Andrés Manuel López Obrador by obstructing private competition and giving preference to the state company in the energy sector.

Through a statement, the private organizations of the three countries condemned the attempts of the Mexican government to favor State companies to the detriment of renewable energy providers, which undermine the certainty of investments and predict higher costs, as well as fewer opportunities for the workers of our countries.

As investors, it is our responsibility to remind governments that this potential would not materialize in countries that do not ensure certainty for business and adherence to good global governance practices in areas such as regulation, permits, collection and government purchases ” , he said.

For this reason, businessmen in North America asked their leaders to commit to concrete actions at the Summit of North American Heads of State, the first in five years, to ensure that the three countries make tangible progress towards achieving our shared vision. to make North America the most dynamic and competitive region in the world.

It is essential to initiate dialogue to strengthen the business environment with full legal certainty, open to competition and transparent in the operating rules, otherwise, the investment “will not flow”, affecting the productive chains and the competition of the region. of North America.

Also, the private sectors of Canada and Mexico expressed their concern about the divergent interpretations of the rules of origin of the Treaty Mexico, United States, Canada (T-MEC), and how the US interpretation poses risks to our integrated supply chains.

Interested in our collective success and competitiveness, we call on governments to engage in in-depth dialogue with the private sectors on these and other issues, ”commanded the North American IP.

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