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Returning speedster Rothfire shows a fighting spirit like his owner

Before Rothfire’s incredible return to racing, one of his co-owners recounts his courageous return from a car accident that shows that anything is possible.

If the return king, Rothfire, can show half the fighting spirit that one of his owners has, he will encounter an almighty spring carnival as he makes his way to Everest next month.

Returning from a fractured sesamoid bone, Rothfire’s 12 months on the sidelines have been well documented.

While her remarkable return to racing is nothing short of a miracle, it pales in comparison to the comeback her co-owner Louise Yates made in the ’70s when the aspiring actress broke her back as her career began, leaving her in a chair. wheels for the rest of your life.

Many said his career was over before it began, Yates bravely dug deep to follow his dreams of one day making it big.

“I am originally from Melbourne, I started my acting career at the age of 15 and interestingly enough I had just signed a contract with ABC for Bellbird, which was a full-length television show at the time,” Yates said.

“Not long after, we had a car accident on Boxing Day and I broke my back.

“They all said that I would never go back to television, that my career was over.”

However, like the horse he now worships, Yates would prove the skeptics wrong.

“I went back and worked in television for another 12 years,” she said, and many later labeled her a pioneer in the television industry.

“It just shows that you can’t rule anyone out.”

It is that fighting spirit that permeates the entire group of Rothfire owners as they prepare for their return to racing at The Shorts at Royal Randwick, 30 minutes from where the injury that nearly ended his career at Rosehill occurred.

With a spot on Everest secured and a Group 1 victory already in his possession, Yates has to pinch himself most days as he prepares to ride the wave of excitement again.


Having had only one horse before Rothfire, Yates has a guilty feeling when he learns of people who spend their entire lives owning horses without even breaking them at the top level.

“You almost have this feeling of guilt because you hear so many stories from people who have owned so many horses and have never had a Group 1 winner,” he said.

“You hear on the radio people who have had them their whole lives and are trying to get their first runner from Group 1 and these are people who have been in the business for years, you think ‘these guys must hate us.’

“It is our second horse. We had a union together with our son and some of his classmates along with our friends.

“A few months after (our first horse) retired we decided to look for another horse, so my son and his partner got together and saw Rothfire, when they looked at the price they thought ‘this is fine.’

The rest, as they say, is history.

Having watched him raise the bar every time he’s out, Yates says he has the utmost confidence in trainer Rob Heathcote to bring the horse back to the winners’ stable, but to see “Thrilla de Chinchilla” burning the grass again. it will. be a victory in itself.

“Rob Heathcote is no longer just a coach to us, he’s someone we’ve been to hell with and back, he’s someone who’s been there for us as rookies, so he’s as much a friend as Rothfire’s coach,” she said.

“I will be a disaster before the race on Saturday. An injury like Rothfire’s can happen to any horse, but we all believe and that’s the main thing.

“It’s going up again. He is strong, he is solid and I think he is going to amaze ”.

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