Wednesday, December 1

SAS Australia 2021: Erin Holland shares Instagram snapshots of bruised body

Despite leaving SAS Australia on the second day, the tough challenge clearly took its toll on Erin Holland in the photos of her bruised and beaten body.

Erin Holland has revealed the brutal result of the SAS Australia experience, posting snapshots of her injuries after just two days in the competition.

The former Miss World Australia left the reality show on Tuesday night’s episode as the second celebrity to voluntarily resign after Brynne Edelsten threw in the towel on the first day.

On Instagram the morning after retiring, Holland showed followers how hard the physical challenges were on his body, telling fans that there were more tasks to endure that did not air.

“THE AFTERMATH”, the model wrote along with snapshots of her in a black T-shirt and underwear with multiple visible bruises on her arms and legs.

“A stark look at what a few days of selection looked like (plus a back pain for over 200 pounds),” she added, referring to the moment she was forced to carry actor Dan Ewing on her shoulders because of the tough conversation. instructors.

“@Sasaustralia is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there are so many tasks that it is not possible for all of them to go on the air! Much respect for my fellow recruits who are still fighting there, it only gets wilder from here … ”he said.

Holland was unable to keep up during Tuesday night’s challenges, leaving the other contestants forced to endure grueling exercises set by instructors until he completed the course.

Unable to continue after multiple attempts, the model eventually exited the competition entirely, becoming the second celebrity recruited to voluntarily leave this season after socialite Brynne Edelsten left just six hours after the first day citing an injury to the knee.

While packing his belongings, Holland made a heartbreaking confession.

“Going from feeling like a failure is going to be huge for me,” he said.

“I always punish myself because I am not performing well or I am not in the front of the group, even if it is something I have no right to be good at because it is not one of my strengths.”

She had previously revealed that she was determined to “not be terrible” on the show to prove herself to the public.

“I feel like I’ve been judged many times and people will expect me to be terrible, and I don’t want to be terrible.

“My personality seems pretty confident, but it’s the opposite,” he explained.

“I am concerned that I opened myself to vulnerability by saying yes to something that I am probably not physically ready for, but I was also not willing to give up an opportunity that was really going to completely change my life and I have no doubt that it will. .

“I wanted to try and regain a little of that confidence and hopefully that helps me overcome some demons that I have as a vulnerable person,” he said about why he took up the challenge.

SAS Australia continues tonight from 7.30pm on Channel 7

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