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SAS Australia 2021: Jessica Peris attempted suicide after doping scandal, athletics news

Australian sprinter Jessica Peris has revealed that she attempted suicide following an “absolutely heartbreaking” athletic scandal.

Australian sprinter Jessica Peris revealed during Wednesday night’s episode of SAS Australia who tried to commit suicide two years ago.

Six weeks before the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, Peris tested positive for a prohibited substance and was imposed a four-year ban from participating in competitive athletics.

Subsequently, the daughter of Olympic gold medalist Nova Peris was forced to withdraw from the Commonwealth Games selection trials.

Peris always vehemently denied doping, claiming there were “substantial flaws” in the test and vowing to fight the verdict.

He had also made headlines for his tumultuous relationships, abusive text messages and allegations of domestic violence.

During the Channel 7 show “Death By Drowning”, Peris did not remain submerged underwater for the required 40 seconds, but escaped early because she was caused by past trauma related to the death of her stepfather in a car accident.

Later, the soldiers called her for questioning.

“My stepfather … passed away in a tragic car accident in 2012,” he explained.

“That got to me, I thought my head was strong and I know I was capable of it, but there was only a split second of it and I mentally collapsed.

“I just had a flashback. I have been through many traumatic experiences in my past. I grew up in a home where there was a lot of violence.

“It has been quite hard to live in the shadow of my mother and her steps, it is a lot of pressure to carry. He wasn’t too interested in sports when he was a kid. Then I found a love for my own sport with athletics. I wanted to go and take a chance and chase that, and then that too fell apart.

“There was an incident, I had to withdraw from the 2018 Commonwealth Games tryouts due to a problem with a drug test.

“That was absolutely heartbreaking. It was in every newspaper, on every television station in the country and it was (saying) ‘Nova Peris’s daughter tests positive for a prohibited substance.’ That was hard, very hard.

“I am still fighting for justice on that, that is still ongoing and I guess that only severely affected my mental health.

“The last thing I remember is that paramedics took me from my mother’s house to a hospital. I felt like I had no way out. “

The soldier asked, “So you were trying to kill yourself?”

Peris replied, “I didn’t want to be here anymore. It’s definitely one of my biggest regrets in life because what if I didn’t wake up? My son would not have a mother, my mother would not have a daughter.

“But that’s what he pushed me to.”

Talking to Women’s Day This week, Peris confessed that she was rushed to the hospital in 2019 after an overdose of sleeping pills.

“It was completely broken and lost,” he said.

“I kept pushing things aside and putting on a brave face, but in the end I just couldn’t take it anymore.”

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