Thursday, October 28

Tour de France 2021: fan faces court, jail time by accident

The infamous fan at the center of the ugliest crash on the Tour de France has received puzzling news before facing criminal court.

The idiot fan who caused the biggest crash ever seen at the Tour de France found out that she will face the courts this week and face a possible jail sentence.

The runaway cycling fan who sparked the crowd during the first leg of the 2021 Tour with a handwritten sign was arrested by police in July, five days after the carnage.

The unidentified 31-year-old woman, caught on television holding her cardboard sign in a yellow raincoat, left dozens of cyclists with more serious bruises and injuries that caused “the worst crash ever seen” at the Tour de France.

According to French reports, the woman faces a fine of $ 23,000 (15,000 euros) and a possible jail sentence when she faces a criminal court in Brest on Friday (AEDT) on charges of “endangering others” and “unintentional injury. “.

Western france reported that the charges include a possible one-year jail sentence.

The blows keep coming for the spectator, and the professional cyclists union is also taking legal action against him to seek compensation for the injured cyclists.

Four riders were unable to continue into the second stage of the event as a result of the injuries they sustained in the accident. 26 riders in total were listed as injured on the Tour’s official record.

The CPA issued a statement to announce that it seeks a token compensation of $ 1.50 (one euro).

“The damage suffered by cyclists is physical, moral and economic”, CPA President Gianni Bugno said.

“An athlete prepares months for a great tour and it is not acceptable that all his hard work, that of his family, his staff and his team is broken in an instant by the search for popularity of those who must attend the event without becoming El protagonist.

“We are sure that the viewer did not want to intentionally hurt anyone, but with her carelessness she compromised the health and the season of more than one of our members.

“The compensation of one euro that we have asked does not pay for the fracture of both arms of Marc Soler or the consequences suffered by Tony Martin and the rest of the riders who ended up on the ground, but it has a symbolic value.”

The accident in the first stage of the race occurred between Brest and Landerneau in north-western Brittany when the woman, with her back to the runners and towards the cameras, showed a sign that read “Allez Opi-Omi”, which translates as “ Go ahead, grandfather and grandmother ”.

Placed on the edge of a tight group of cyclists, German cyclist Tony Martin hit the sign and fell, knocking down dozens of others following him.

The crowding delayed the stage by five minutes while the bicycles and corpses were untangled.

Amid the chaos, the woman was seen reeling in horror before disappearing into the crowd at the roadside, the sign folded under her arm.

The police took five days to locate her.

His court proceedings continue on Friday.

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