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VaxPass: Sneaky Sydney change ahead of 80pc goal

Many people in Sydney are able to use a new vaccine passport system, after a sneaky switch was introduced overnight.

Many people in Sydney seem to be able to use a new vaccine passport system for easy access to shops, pubs and cafes, after a sneaky switch was introduced overnight.

It means that for those who have the updated Service NSW app on their phones, they no longer have to search Medicare to find their vaccination certificates when they enter a business.

Instead, when they register with a company, using the normal QR code method, a green tick will appear to indicate that they are fully vaccinated.

Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello described VaxPass as a smart add-on service for the six million residents already using the Service NSW app.

“There are already three ways to download your vaccination passport so this is about making life easier for people and businesses in New South Wales as we safely reopen.” said last week.

Later, the minister told reporters: “We have had about a week of tests and I have been one of the people who has put my hand to the test and so far there are no problems, it has taken me less than two minutes.”

He said this week the VaxPass would be tested in Tamworth, Port Macquarie, Wagga Wagga and Lismore, with the statewide rollout beginning the week of October 18.

However, Sydney residents this morning have noticed that they can already access VaxPass by updating their Service NSW app.

The sneaky change has been introduced without an announcement.

Dominello said that integrating the certificate into the app would be optional, as it responded to public criticism of the initiative.

“Some people have commented that the VaxPass is a waste of money,” Dominello posted on Sunday.

: In the next few days, I will lay out the top five reasons why investing in this digital infrastructure is critical future proof for the people of New South Wales. “

The NSW government has been criticized for not having the passport ready in time for the end of the shutdown and originally planned for the pilot to start on October 6.

But authorities were unable to access critical immunization data for the trial until a week ago.

“We just received the information from the federal government about a week ago, so we are moving at the pace of delivering this to the people of our state because it will be a perfect experience,” Dominello said.

“But in that intervening week, let’s be nice to each other and be patient, it’s really hard to be leaders.”

The ServiceNSW application will include security measures to help compliance officers and businesses verify and validate a client’s vaccination status.

These include a hologram with the NSW Waratah logo and rotating QR codes, similar to the digital driver’s license.

Customers will need to have a linked MyGov account with Medicare and the Express Plus Medicare app.

Those without a smartphone are urged to contact Services Australia for a non-digital option.

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